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Kasejovice Synagogue

Kasejovice is a small town in South West Bohemia about 54 miles from Prague. The first record of a Jewish family in Kasejovice was in 1570. By 1618 there were 4 families and a prayer room. 24 Jewish families are recorded in the mid-18th century, and 25 families in the mid-19th century. By 1930 there were only 28 persons of the Jewish faith who were later eliminated by the Nazis.

The synagogue was built in 1762 in the Rococo style and rebuilt in 1832. Services were held until the 1920s, when the few remaining Jews merged into the nearby Horazdovice congregation. The synagogue has been renovated and is now a museum of Jewish religious objects (which Kasejovice residents claim were returned from Horazdovice) and local pottery and handicrafts